Out of passion for the Portuguese cuisine

The only Portuguese seafood and fish restaurant in Bucharest

Povestea Dancing Lobster

The story behind the Dancing Lobster

Jose Gaspar is writing a chapter in the history of the Portuguese cuisine which carries those who wish to enjoy an authentic culinary experience to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, by savoring the kind of fish and seafood that you can only eat on the Algarve.

The passion for good food prepared with traditional ingredients, the wines which have been selected from the most important vineyards from Portugal, and the sunny atmosphere all year round, all of these ensure that the Dancing Lobster has a place on the list of restaurants that you want to revisit every time you feel like taking a break from the busy urban life.

The Dancing Lobster captures the traditional Portuguese flavors in recipes which surprise us with a delightful taste that comes from their very simplicity.  The fresh fish and seafood brought each week by plane from Portugal and exhibited at the restaurant window are the protagonists of the impeccable taste from the dishes made by the “craftsmen” from the only Portuguese restaurant in Bucharest.

Fish and seafood brought each week from the Atlantic Ocean

Depending on the season, you can find at the Dancing Lobster the best the Ocean has to offer

The Dancing Lobster Team

Our menu was created by a team of Portuguese chefs, passionate about their country’s cuisine. You can watch them in our open kitchen as they carefully prepare each dish.

The reason why we decided to bring from Portugal most people from our team is that there cooking is part of their culture and lifestyle. They live and communicate through food and we wanted them to convey this authentic spirit to our guests as well.